Welcome to Kendra's Community Kitties


Kendra's Community Kitties is an organization that is passionate about the lost and abandoned feral/community cats in Kingston, Ontario, and we want to do something about it. Kingston is over-run with cats and kittens on the streets. Many are sick and many die alone. This shouldn't be happening and we feel it's time for the City of Kingston to open a high-volume/low-cost spay/neuter clinic which is open to everyone.  Other cities have done it and have proven that it works. It's time to put an end to the suffering.

My name is Kendra Pople-Easton and I am the founder of Kendra's Community Kitties. I volunteered with another local organization for nine years, and I learned a great deal while serving as colony caretaker, Member of Board of Directors, Foster/Adoption Committee, and as Vice-President. With the number of cats on the streets of Kingston, I felt another rescue group was needed.

I am colony caretaker for the six colonies I have been caring for, and through the generosity of many people I am able to feed approximately 45 cats daily. The numbers can vary as new ones show up and others disappear.   Our goal is to stabilize the colonies I now care for, and following that, we will assist the community in trapping/spay and neutering/vaccinate/returning (TNVR) them, or preferably socializing and adopting them into their forever homes. In order to do this we need your help. We need foster homes to help socialize these very frightened cats and kittens. We need monetary donations in order to get them spay/neutered and maintain their health. We require a constant supply of wet and dry food for the colony kitties and for the kitties in foster care. Without you, we certainly cannot do what we do.  We want to help the forgotten kitties of Kingston.  

Sandra (Sam) Powell is the expert in writing grant applications. She comes from a research background and she has her own business that keeps her busy, called 'LifeStream Animal Blood Bank', www.animalbloodbank.ca . Sam has 26 years of experience in the treatment of bleeding disorders in dogs and is skilled in the administration of transfusion products. Many dogs have been saved, thanks to her. Sam has been an integral part of Kendra's Community Kitties.

We hope to gain your respect and support, because we need your help to help these wonderful felines. We will be regularly posting a wish list of items that would be useful to this organization. Volunteers and Fundraisers are desperately needed, so please consider volunteering.  Any assistance you can give is genuinely appreciated by Kendra's Community Kitties, and of course by the kitties themselves.