Foster Home Information

KCK is in need of foster homes. We currently have feral kittens approx. 3.5 - 4 months old; others approx. 6-8 months old; and a few adult kitties at my colonies I believe can be socialized.  A very quiet home and lots of patience is a must as they will be extremely skittish in the beginning.  

Are you able to provide a quiet space in your home, food, water and love for one of our kitties waiting for their forever home? Some of our kitties come from our managed colonies. Some are born in the wild while others have been abandoned to fend for themselves. Some socializing will be required. 

KCK will help set up your home with all supplies needed, i.e., bowls, litter, litter box, bedding and a start-up supply of food.

All veterinary care is provided as well as advice and support.

If you are interested in opening your heart and helping one of our less fortunate kitties—please complete our on-line foster application form on our website.  Thank you so much.