Adoption Application

The following information is requested to assist us in providing the best possible "match" for both you and the cat/kitten you are looking to adopt. All information in this application will be kept confidential unless disclosure is required by law.

Once matched with your new pet and should you be successful in adopting a kitty from Kendra's Community Kitties, there is an Adoption Agreement to sign and an adoption fee to pay. All adult animals will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. If the kitten is not yet ready or old enough, an appointment will be booked at our veterinary clinic at age 6 months. We do not agree with fixing our kittens at too young an age, IF you wish to have the procedure completed by your own veterinary clinic, you will be responsible for the difference in cost. If you fail to have the adopted animal spayed or neutered, said animal(s) will be reclaimed by Kendra's Community Kitties.

The adoption fee (cash only) is non-refundable for any reason as it is used to pay for veterinary care.

The cat named below is NOT TO BE DECLAWED.

Adoption Application

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Many of our cats have been neglected or abandoned and need human contact and attention to feel safe again.

ALL applicants must participate in a home inspection before adopting!

I understand that a home visit may be conducted, pre and/or post adoption at the sole discretion of K.C.K.

We encourage you to keep your pet safe inside at all times. The City of Kingston Bylaw states (regarding cats):

    4.21 No owner shall cause or permit his or her cat to trespass.
    4.22 The regulation set out in section 4.21 does not apply to the rural area.

City bylaws state that you can be charged if your pet goes on your neighbours property; plus all the problems faced with an outdoor cat.

Should the adoption not work out, we ask that you contact us and return the kitty to KCK. We will find a home for him/her.

I understand that it is my responsibility to evaluate the cat or kitten for myself before agreeing to adoption. The adoption of a lifelong animal companion should never be impulsive, but rather a carefully thought out decision, which will ensure a loving, lasting relationship.


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By signing my full name below, I confirm that the information I have provided above is accurate and may be verified .

Paper application

If you would like to fill in our paper application click here to download the form.

Paper application